• Corporate Wellness

    Happy, Motivated People are more creative, productive and cooperative. Stress, Anxiety and Depression is one of the biggest factors for employee dissatisfaction and turnover. Why not encourage your ‘people’ to take time out for themselves to de-stress and de-clutter the mind. Enquire about our Yoga and Wellness sessions!

  • Weekend Getaways

    Australian Surf Tours and Fused to Move come together to offer a unique surf and yoga experience only 3 hours South of Sydney. That’s right! A weekend getaway from Sydney, where you can be active, learn something new, be social and of course be in nature.

  • Yoga & Wellness Studio

    An Urban Sanctuary in the heart of the Sydney CBD. F2M classes are focused on movement, alignment, breathe and wellness. We offer and range of yoga styles to suit all. From Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, Pregnancy Classes, Yin and Meditation. Please check our live schedule for a class that suits you.

"Balancing lives by improving fitness, flexibility and strength."

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Our Philosophy

Our bodies hold so much wisdom and it is through movement that we are able to unlock this wisdom and it is in stillness that we can hear the wisdom. 

 We can look at it like this:

– Physical ability to exert effort upon demand.
– Mental preparedness to face life’s challenges with out too much stress.

– Being able to sit in stillness with oneself in order to tune into the wisdom and truth with in.

Being in our body means we can connect with that wisdom, feel better, ground ourselves down, slow down our thoughts and the aspects of mind that move us toward stress and help us find an elevated state of being. Challenging our fitness also means, pushing our selves outside of what’s comfortable. Mentally this can mean, taking on something that you have never done before and rising to the challenge and growing. Physically this may mean, running further, faster or harder, doing more, becoming more efficient or achieving something physically that you have never done before.

Physically, we understand flexibility to mean “can you touch your hamstrings?” Flexibility in fitness or at Fused to Move, means so much more than this.

Fused to Move believes that movement is our is to avoid the effects of pain and ageing.  There is allot to be said in this section about fascia, connective tissue and all the wonderful biomechanics and science behind the bodies integrative network. But the simple truth is this; If your body is tight and in flexible (rigid) you are surely prone to all the obvious pains of modern day living. Mentally and emotionally having a more flexible attitude toward life would see allot more happiness and allot less pressure. One of the best things about life is its uncertainty! We can try to control it as much as we like, set expectations, try to change people, be fixed and firm in our attitude. But more often than not we are the ones that then suffer because things did not go according to plan.

Working synergistically with flexibility is strength. The force that keeps it all together!

Strength supports the bodies structure from the inside out, it provides honest to goodness joint stability and integrity.

Mentally, this goes with out saying! The ability to move through life’s challenge without ignorance or stubbornness is a reflection of ones strength. Learning, growing and evolving and developing self-awareness are true characteristics of strength.


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